The Libraries Commission was established in February 2020.

The Libraries Commission aims to oversee and manage the field of libraries and make it a well-equipped and prepared cultural resource available for all segments of society to develop the sector and advance its components. The Commission is also concerned with developing and strengthening the library sector to be a source of culture and an ideal environment for reading since it is one of the most important sectors that constitute a basic source of scientific research, development, and studies of all kinds. This is done through proposing a strategy and a working methodology, besides cooperating with the relevant bodies such as universities, schools, and public libraries.

An information society involved in building the knowledge economy and achieving the sustainable development goals.

Empowering the community of the library sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to contribute to economic, educational, social, and cultural growth.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Asem is the CEO of the Libraries Commission.

  • Promoting the digital transformation of library services.

  • Enhancing sector efficiency.

  • Encouraging innovation and investment.

  • Developing a system of funding sources.

  • Improving access to library services.

  • Revitalizing libraries as the center of education, culture, and community development.

  • Raising information awareness and encouraging reading habits.

  • Providing a welcoming work environment.

  • Building advanced internal capacities.

  • Reinvigorating local, regional, and international partnerships.